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for hairdressers, manufacturing professional hair care products, hair dye, aesthetics

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AMJ Charlson
for hairdressers, production professional hair products, hair dyes, cosmetic

April 13, 1997, from the union of Amj and Charl, was born our business.
The only goal was the marketing of retail products, hairdressers and beauticians.
Over the years, he has come to build day by day, and a direct relationship of trust with customers, adjusted on courtesy and knowledge, creating with them a reciprocal link, harmonious and sustainable.
To better meet consumer needs and responding to their needs, the Amj Charlson starts in 2008 a laboratory for research and planning for the construction of new brands.
The company pays attention to every detail, to find the most innovative solutions and reliable in the world for the care and beauty of the person, using the best production laboratories and successful craftsmen who, with constant updating guarantee the formulation of products and accessories, made exclusively using top quality materials.
"Amj Charlson Italy" embossed on all products placed on the market wants to be the first sign of recognition of Italian and international quality, which together with human values, has been the driving force of the company, creating a deep relationship of sharing with the professionals industry worldwide.
All this becomes the focal point of our mission, putting the focus of our daily commitment the customer, our "excellent partner", with which we try to do better what we already do well always.


AMJ Charlson
for hairdressers, production professional hair products, hair dyes, cosmetic

Via Guido D'Arezzo, 23
00198 Rome - Italy
Tel. 0683084993

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