All the truth about vegetal color for hair : Today many women are looking for vegetal color for hair because feel more natural and therefore more delicate. This is not always true: the vegetable dyes are usually not able to color the entire hair evenly, but merely conferring colored reflections. The vegetal color dyes are extracted from plants, they are very allergenic and / or irritating but have a limited range of colors. Once applied, the vegetal color dyes bind to the hair with weak bonds to hydrogen, for which the color has a resistance conferred temporary and not permanent. Henna is an example of vegetal color for hair is a dye plant substance that can give the dark hair a reddish-orange with copper hues, while the blond or light reflections produces red-carrot. Another plant substance used as a vegetable dye is AZULENE or 4,5,7 triidrossiflavone, which is extracted from chamomile via pressing of flowering tops. Azulene is a highlighters for blond or light. The third vegetal color for hair is the INDIGO, which is extracted by soaking the plants belonging to the family of indigo. Indigo in itself gives a blue color; why you use it in combination with henna in order to give your hair a brownish-red reflex. The molecule responsible for the blue color is the indican, which in turn originates by hydrolysis indoxyl, which will be oxidized by forming the indigo.

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20 Jan 20
Ross Charles International Hairstylist

The Royal Soul collection was formed from an interpretation of classic, sophisticated looks that had an innovative and contemporary edge. The collection embodies high end hair that can be altered and moulded to maintain that creative flair and expression of personality. The looks are regal and capture the essence of modern princes from around the globe. Influenced by diverse global cultures, the collection represents divergent styles.

Ph: Ross Charles
Stylist: Ross Charles


20 Jan 20
Sam Bell International Hairstylist

Find put the latest hair collection, called “Timeless ”, made by “ Sam Bell HAIR AT 58” international hairstylist from AO.

Ph: Tony Le Britton
Make-up: Roseanna Velin
Stylist: Joey Bevan


20 Jan 20
Xaro Ferri Sanchís Interrnational Hairstylist

This collection was inspired by the intense colours of seawater, where greenish and mauve blue colours are predominant

Ph: Julian Gabaldon
Make-up: Karla Rillo
Stylist: Xaro Ferri Estilistas


20 Jan 20
Rainbow Room International Art Team

Find put the latest hair collection, called “Ruby”, made by “Rainbow Room International Art Team” international hairstylist from UK.

Ph: Chris Bulezuik
Make-up: Claire Evans
Stylist: Clare Frith


20 Jan 20
Tony Le Britton

Tony Le Britton was announced the winner of the category at the 2019 TCT Award Ceremony

Ph: Tony le-Britton


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